"Something is definitely going on, he is definitely caught up in something fishy, anyway… I’m going to find out what it is, and I’ll expose him, because it’s not right."


Touchy feely Cowards.

Edinburgh Fringe Preview 2013: An Interview with Tom Basden →

SF: I hear you are in China just now, how is that going?

TB: The country itself is going pretty well I think. There are the well documented problems with human rights violations, poisonous air and unsafe food, but the economy is as strong as an ox and a huge amount of national pride, as well as hope that the new leadership will finally take on pollution and governmental corruption. It’s also a good place to work from. The food’s very good and I don’t get any emails till 5pm or so because I’m 7 hours ahead. Also, once the play’s on, I won’t be able to access reviews. Every Edinburgh I’ve done, I’ve tried not to read reviews and failed. This time it’ll be easy- the Chinese government are playing into my hands.

Very Few Fish - Taster

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Plebs s01e01

Plebs S01E03

A random Tom Basden photoset appears.

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